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Barracuda ECHOplatform

About Usage Audit Listings

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Usage Audit Listings provide the ability to track the actual usage of BarracudaMSP services so you can ensure accurate billing.

Usage Audit Listings allows ECHOplatform to automatically determine the mailbox usage for every SMB of any given partner and automatically bill for that number.

This feature aligns Barracuda with the Microsoft Office 365 billing model and allows you to see which mailboxes were billed the last bill cycle and what shall be billed on the next billing cycle.

This feature does not apply to end-customers who have Sentinel or FIR as those are not counted by the products.

Usage is billed as follows:

  • For Microsoft Office 365 connected products (Sentinel, CCB), usage is billed for any mailbox (individual or shared) with an assigned Exchange license.
  • For connected products that are not Microsoft Office 365, usage is billed for any email address that has received an email in 10 out of the last 30 days.

The final billing count is based on the product count minus exclusions. The bill uses the final count as of the bill day (no proration).

Exclusion Lists

Exclusion lists are defined and applied by partners in the ECHOplatform. Excluded users are still protected, they just are not billed.

You can exclude aliases and distribution lists from billing by adding them to the exclusion list. You no longer need to update the Change Request form when a partner wants to increase or decrease the number of license mailboxes for one of their clients.

Students in EDU cases can be added to the exclusion list.

Partners can add shared mailboxes that are under 50GB.

Partners can add exclusions individually or in bulk via .csv upload.


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