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Barracuda ECHOplatform

Task 2. Creating Cross-references for Intronis Backup Billing in ConnectWise

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To create cross-references for Intronis Backup Billing in ConnectWise, perform the following steps.

  1. Log into ConnectWise and select System, Setup Tables at the navigation menu.
    The Setup Tables search page is displayed.

    image2022-1-10 15:15:58.png
  2. At the Table field, type Managed Devices Integration, and press Enter.
    The Managed Devices Integration List page is displayed.

    image2022-1-10 15:16:44.png
  3. Click the name of your Managed Device.
    The Integration Details page is displayed.

    image2022-1-10 15:17:27.png
  4. Click the Cross-References tab, and then click the New Item image2022-1-10 15:18:14.png icon.
    The new cross-references record is displayed.
    : For each level you have defined in your billing mappings, you need to add cross-references to update the following items:
     Backup usage (in GB)
    The number of local backup subscriptions
    The number of QuickSpin host licenses
    The number of Imaging licenses on the account
    The number of Hyper-V host licenses on the account
    The number VMware host licenses on the account
  5. At the Type field, type BackupUsage, LocalBackup, ImageLicensing, Hyper-VHostLicensing, or VMwareHostLicensing (you need to create cross-references for each level).
  6. At the Level field, type the same level you have defined in the billing mappings in your ECHOplatform portal.
    : This entry is case sensitive and must match exactly.
  7. At the Agreement Type drop-down menu, select the Agreement Type you created during setup.
  8. At the Product field, choose a product that is updated on each company’s agreement.
    For more information, see Creating Products in ConnectWise.
  9. At the Configuration Type drop-down menu, select Backup Stats.
  10. Click the Save icon, as shown below.

    image2022-1-10 15:21:42.png
  11. Repeat steps 4 – 10 to create additional cross-references with the following:
  • Types: BackupUsage, LocalBackup, VMwareHostLicensing, Hyper-VHostLicensing,and ImageLicensing
  • Level: Gold