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Past Plan Errors

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The ConnectWise Billing integration works by updating products on your ConnectWise agreements with the correct units for either usage (in GBs) or local backup subscriptions. The products that are updated on each agreement depend on how your cross-references are set up, and which plan the account is on (as plans are mapped to levels, which through cross-references tell ConnectWise which products to update.

When we send updated usage and local backup information to ConnectWise to update the correct products, we also attempt to zero-out any products that were previously being updated through a different plan.

Past Plan Error Example

The account abcdental is on the plan Gold Backup. Through the billing mappings, Gold Backup is mapped to the level Gold, which defines that Product A should be updated for usage.

Abcdental is switched to the Platinum Backup plan, which is mapped to the Platinum level and updates Product B for usage.

The next day when billing is synced, Product B is updated with the correct usage. Since abcdental was previously on the Gold Backup plan, we also attempt to update Product A and set it at zero.

If however, Gold Backup is no longer mapped to a valid level or has been deleted, the integration return a “past plans error.”

Past plan errors are displayed on the Accounts tab of the ConnectWise integration page for any account that currently has a past plan error. For each of these accounts, it is recommended that their Agreement in ConnectWise be reviewed to ensure that only the current and proper products are showing usage.













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