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Barracuda Intronis Backup
formerly ECHOplatform

Creating Products in ConnectWise

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The billing integration updates a ConnectWise company’s agreement by adjusting Products on that agreement. For each agreement, multiple products are used. One for each for the following:

  • Usage
  • Local backup subscriptions
  • QuickSpin host licenses
  • Imaging licenses
  • Hyper-V host licenses

In the ECHOplatform portal, you can map all plans or any individual plan to a level, which is then mapped to products in the Managed Devices Integration table’s cross-references. However, if you do not have any products created in ConnectWise for use with online backup, you need to create them.

Creating Products in ConnectWise

To create products in ConnectWise, perform the following steps.

  1. Log into ConnectWise and select Procurement, Product Catalog at the navigation menu.
    The Product Catalog page is displayed.

    image2022-1-11 15:15:52.png
  2. Click the New Item image2022-1-11 15:16:40.png icon.
    The new Product Item form is displayed.

    image2022-1-11 15:19:26.png
  3. Choose a unique Product ID.
  4. Type a brief product description.
  5. Choose a category/subcategory of Managed Services/Managed Services.
  6. Choose a product type of Fixed Cost Service.
  7. Choose a product class of Non-Inventory.
  8. Choose a Unit of Measure of Month.


    • When creating a usage product, make sure that the Unit Price is equal to the amount you would like to charge per GB of backup storage.
    • When creating a local backup, QuickSpin host licenses, Hyper-V host licenses, or Imaging licenses product, make sure that the Unit Price is equal to the amount you would like to charge per local backup subscription.
  9. Type a brief customer description.
  10. Click the Save icon, as shown below.

    image2022-1-11 15:20:1.png