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Barracuda Intronis Backup
formerly ECHOplatform

Disk Image Standard Advanced Settings

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The default parameter values match the SilverWind Portal UI. If you do not specify a "settings" JSon section, the defaults apply.

Note: Disk image standard does not require a TempFolder, so TempFolderPath does not need to be defined.



    "name": "Test Backup Set",

    "type": "Disk_Image",

    "selection": [



    "settings": {

        "vssShadowCopyMode": false,

        "fullBackupInterval": 3




The following table provides the input parameters and descriptions.




Enabled by default (true). This should not be confused with EnableSnapshotMode which allows enabling or disabling vss. EnableSnapshotMode is not available for imaging backups, which always require VSS.


Enables the VSS mode called "CopyMode". Copy Mode backups do not automatically truncate Exchange or SQL transaction logs in case the backed up system is an Exchange or SQL server. If you are taking a physical image of an Exchange or SQL server and want the Physical Imaging Standard backup set to truncate the logs, disable Copy Mode.


Interval between full backups - default value is 21.