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Barracuda Email Gateway Defense
formerly Email Security

Inbound Settings - Best Practices

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Email Gateway Defense provides customers with a default configuration as a starting point. While this configuration will block a majority of unwanted emails, it is important to make changes to other filters to get the best protection possible.

The table below illustrates the different Inbound settings found within Email Gateway Defense.


This is not an all-inclusive list of policies, and it focuses on toggles (i.e., block, quarantine, off) vs. custom rules, such as sender policies.

Use the table to adjust the default configurations according to your preference.

For a more detailed understanding of the Email Gateway Defense capabilities, download the Email Gateway Defense Best Practices Guide.

Anti-Fraud IntelligenceBlockQuarantineBlock
Bulk MailOffQuarantineBlock
Content IntentBlockQuarantineBlock
Email Cat: CorporateAllowAllowQuarantine
Email Cat: Mailing ListOffQuarantineBlock
Email Cat: MarketingOffQuarantineBlock
Email Cat: Social MediaAllowQuarantineBlock
Email Cat: TransactionalAllowAllowQuarantine
Enable ATPScan First, Then DeliverScan First, Then DeliverScan First, Then Deliver
Intent AnalysisBlockQuarantineBlock
Link ProtectionOnOnOn
No PTR RecordYesYesYes
No SPF RecordOffQuarantineBlock
Password Protected ArchiveBlockBlockBlock
Password Protected MS OfficeIgnoreQuarantineBlock
Password Protected PDFIgnoreQuarantineBlock
Spam: Block554
Spam: Quarantine0 (off)43
SPF - Hard FailBlockBlockBlock
SPF - Soft FailOffQuarantineBlock
Typosquatting ProtectionOnOnOn