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How to Use Content Filters to Allow Salesforce Emails

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Salesforce is commonly used by organizations as their customer relationship management (CRM) system. Emails sent to your employees are generated externally, and therefore subject to inbound filtering policies within Email Gateway Defense. This could result in legitimate Salesforce emails being blocked or quarantined. Creating policies to exempt the Salesforce domain or IP would also apply to all other emails being sent from Salesforce, including unwanted emails. For that reason, it is not recommended to create such a policy. 

You can avoid creating too broad a policy by using the Salesforce header that contains your account ID. For more information, see the Salesforce article

Locate Your Salesforce Organization ID 

  1. From your Email Gateway Defense Message Log, locate an email sent from your Salesforce account. 
  2. Click on the message and then click the Source button. 
  3. Locate the "X-SFDC-LK" header value in the message. For example, X-SFDC-LK:00D50000000IQwR
  4. Copy the entire string as this will be used in the next step to create the content policy. 

Create Message Content Filter Policy

  1. In Email Gateway Defense, navigate to Inbound Settings > Content Policies
  2. In the Message Content Filter section, under Pattern, paste in the string you copied above.
  3. Under Action, select Allow.  
  4. Under Match, click Headers
  5. Click Add.

All emails originating from this specific Salesforce account will now be exempted from all filtering. 

Review your existing sender and IP policies and remove any Salesforce entries as they will no longer be needed.