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Barracuda Email Gateway Defense
formerly Email Security

Outbound Rate Control

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Senders and IP addresses cannot be exempted from Email Gateway Defense outbound rate control.

Outbound rate limits are applied to protect against spam and mass-mailing malware from compromised accounts. It helps prevent spammers and hackers from compromising your email server by relaying mass mailings. It also helps protect our systems and keep our customers safe.

Outbound rate control is not an outbound mail block; mail is deferred allowing your mail server to retry the mail until it is delivered. If you need additional guidance, contact Barracuda Networks Technical Support.

Table 1. Outbound Email Gateway Defense Message Rate Limit
Per EntityRate
per registered domain250 recipients per 30 minute period
per registered user150 recipients per 30 minute period

Verify that any address sending outbound mail through Email Gateway Defense is listed in the Users > Users List table in the web interface.

Bulk Mail

If you have bulk mail that must go out immediately, you can either bypass Email Gateway Defense or use a mass mailing service designed for this purpose. If your mass mailing service does not retry deferred mail, Barracuda Networks recommends configuring the service to deliver the mail directly to the Internet or relaying the mail through a fully functional mail server that can correctly handle deferred mail.

Exceeding rate control limits displays in your outbound abuse report page. If there is a problem with your account it may result in your outbound IP address or a sender's email address being blocked. Barracuda Networks will contact you via email (or phone if an IP block is approaching) explaining the problem requiring attention.

See Barracuda Networks Cloud Service Terms for terms of service regarding bulk or mass mailing.