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Barracuda Email Gateway Defense
formerly Email Security

How to Set Up MX Records for Domain Verification

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Add each domain that you want Email Gateway Defense to filter email for on the Domains page. Each of the domains must be verified by Email Gateway Defense for proof of ownership. After adding a domain, the Domains > Domain Verification page prompts you to select the manner in which to verify domain ownership.

Note that after verifying your domain, any mail sent to your domain from another Barracuda Email Gateway Defense customer will be processed normally by your Email Gateway Defense account and not delivered via MX records.

To use the MX Records method:

  1. Click the domain name to expand the domain details, and click Verify Ownership in the Domain Name column to go to the Domain Verification page.
  2. Select MX records, and click Next.

  3. Replace your current MX records with the Email Gateway Defense MX records displayed on the verify page.

    If you want to first test Email Gateway Defense, or you just want to be careful moving your mail to the Barracuda Networks service, add the MX records with a LOW priority, for example, 99. This allows you to complete the verification process while your legitimate mail continues to use your current mail server. Note that this is applicable only to mail not sent from another Barracuda Email Gateway Defense customer.

    For example:   21600   IN   MX   10   21600   IN   MX   15   21600   IN   MX   99   21600   IN   MX   99

You may see some mail in the Message Log after making this MX record change. This is because spammers routinely send mail to all MX records for a domain.

Once you have made the change to your MX records, return to the verification page in Email Gateway Defense, and click Next. Email Gateway Defense should see the changes made and verify your domain. If the domain does not verify correctly, check that your MX changes are live. You can do this by using the following sites that return your MX information:  (select the MX option)

If your domain's MX records are not yet showing the Email Gateway Defense MX records, you must wait until they do before your domain can be verified.

To view the MX record configuration or mail statistics for a verified domain, go to the Domains page and click the domain name in the Domain Name field to toggle the MX record configuration details.