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Barracuda Email Gateway Defense
formerly Email Security

Understanding the Domains Page

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The Domains page displays all domains added to Email Gateway Defense for email processing. The Domains Manager table displays basic information about each of these domains. Click on a domain name to toggle additional details.

If you make settings changes, allow a few minutes for the changes to take effect.

See also: Email Continuity Service

Domain Name

The Domain Name column displays the name of the domain. Click the domain name to toggle the primary, backup, and outbound MX Records configuration. The Domain Name column displays the Domain status as follows:

  • icn-ok.png – Indicates the Domain is verified and all MX records for the domain are pointing to Email Gateway Defense.
  • icn-warning.png Indicates MX is not properly configured. Barracuda Networks MX records are missing or there is an MX record conflict.
  • unverified_icon.png Indicates the Domain is not yet verified.

See Understanding the Different States on the Domains Page for information on resolving states other than verified (icn-ok.png).

Each of the domains where you want to filter email must be verified by Email Gateway Defense for proof of ownership; Email Gateway Defense does not process email for a domain until the verification process is complete. Click Verify Ownership in the Domain Name column to go to the Domains > Domain Settings page to complete the verification process, configure mail servers, SMTP over TLS, encryption, authentication, sender spoof protection, and other domain-specific settings.


If you aliased the domain to one or more domains already added and configured in the service, the number of configured domain aliases displays. Click to toggle the alias names. Click on a domain alias to view the inherited domain settings. Click the alias name to go to the Domains > Domain Settings page where you can view and modify the domain alias settings.


When using aliases, keep the following rules in mind:

  • An aliased domain only uses the parent policy settings.
  • An aliased domain cannot access its per domain policy settings.
  • An aliased domain uses its own configuration settings.
  • All domains – even aliased domains require their own MX record configuration.
    • An aliased domain can have MX records that point to its parent domain. If you un-alias the domain, the MX records will no longer be correct and a warning displays about your MX record configuration. 
  • If the aliased domain has per domain settings, these settings are ignored if the domain is an alias.
  • If you un-alias a domain, any per domain settings again work normally.
  • Barracuda Networks does NOT recommend using domain aliasing and user aliasing at the same time. This includes LDAP, AZURE, or manually-created user aliases.

Recipients (Last 30 Days)

The Recipients (Last 30 Days) column displays the number of unique recipients seen in the last 30 days. Click on the recipient value in the column to view the Recipients List page which contains a list of the unique recipients seen in the last 30 days for the selected domain. Use this page to search a specific recipient or set of recipients, and navigate through the list.

Mail Servers

The Mail Servers column displays the domain verification status. If you have configured mail servers for the selected domain, this value can be the smart host, mail server hostname (FQDN), or IP address, and if configured, the destination port. Click to toggle the  Email Continuity Service status. If you have not completed the verification process for a domain, Unverified displays. Click Verify in this column, or click Edit in the Settings column to go to the Domains > Domain Settings page and complete the verification process.


If you have not completed the verification process, or if you wish to modify the domain settings, click Edit in the Settings column to go to the Domains > Domain Settings page.

Domain Options

Use this field to take additional actions. If the domain has custom policies, the flag (flag_icon.png) icon displays.

Custom options only apply to the currently selected domain; any future global policy changes do not apply to the currently selected domain.

  • Manage – Click to view the dashboard and configure inbound and outbound policies for the domain.
  • Remove – Click if you do not want Email Gateway Defense to continue processing mail for the domain.
  • Reset to account policies – If you have set custom policies on a domain (represented by the flag ( flag_icon.png ) icon), click the domain name to toggle details on. Domain Specific Policies displays in the Domain Options field. To revert a domain back to the global settings, click Reset to account policies.