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Barracuda Email Gateway Defense
formerly Email Security

Understanding the Different States on the Domains Page

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The following table describes the different states on the Domains page in Email Gateway Defense. Additionally, the table includes troubleshooting for states other than verified (ok_icon.png).

IconStatus/Resolve WarningNotes
  • Domain is verified
  • MX records point to

Domain is verified but not fully protected; additional configuration needed. Click Edit in the Settings column to complete configuration:

  • MX records may be missing
  • There may be an MX record conflict
  • Verify the records point to
  • Verify mail servers are defined

Mail flow may be negatively affected.

If you have MX records that are pointed elsewhere it may result in spam or malicious e-mails being passed through.


Domain is new and not yet verified. Click Edit in the Settings column, and click Verify Ownership to complete the verification process.

Mail flow setup is incomplete.