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End-of-Sale for Models 100 and 200

As of October 4th, 2020, all new sales for models 100 and 200 of the Barracuda Email Security Gateway have ceased. Renewals of software subscriptions are still available.

Performance and Email Statistics

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The BASIC > Dashboard page provides an overview of the health and performance of your Barracuda Email Security Gateway, including:

  • Hourly and daily email statistics that display the number of inbound and outbound messages blocked, tagged (inbound messages only), quarantined, sent (outbound messages only), redirected (outbound messages only), encrypted (outbound only), rate controlled and allowed (inbound only) for the last 24 hours and 28 days.
  • The subscription status of Energize Updates.
  • Performance statistics, including CPU temperature and system load. Performance statistics displayed in red signify that the value exceeds the normal threshold. These values will fluctuate based on the amount of traffic that is being handled, but if any setting remains consistently in the red for a long period of time, please contact  Barracuda Networks Technical Support.

Product Tips

At the top of the BASIC > Dashboard page you’ll see the Product Tips bubble. This space is populated with usage tips, new programs and features from Barracuda Networks specific to your product, and with a link to the release notes for the latest firmware update. These tips are updated frequently from Barracuda Central.You have the following options in managing this feature:

  • To hide a particular message permanently, click the Hide link.
  • To hide the Product Tips section of the page, set Show Product Tips in the Product Tips section of the BASIC > Administration page to No.

Email Statistics - Inbound

This section of the BASIC > Dashboard page summarizes how inbound mail traffic is handled by the Barracuda Email Security Gateway based on how you have configured the system. Actions reported include Blocked, Blocked:Virus, Rate Controlled, Quarantined, Allowed:Tagged and Allowed. Statistics are tallied by hour, by current calendar day starting at midnight, and total since installation (or since the last reset).

If you have not configured any domains for receiving inbound mail on the DOMAINS page, and you configure the Barracuda Email Security Gateway only for processing outbound mail, it is possible to see some messages logged as inbound mail traffic. For example, if a message is received addressed to the default domain configured under BASIC > IP Configuration page, then the email will be counted as an inbound message.

Email Statistics - Outbound

Outbound mail traffic is summarized in this table on the BASIC > Dashboard page much the same way as inbound traffic, except that a count of outbound message Blocked due to custom policy or spam are reported separately, outbound messages are not tagged, and messages counted as Sent are the counterpart of inbound Allowed messages.
If you have not configured the Barracuda Email Security Gateway for outbound mail and only expect inbound mail, it is still possible to see some messages logged as outbound traffic. If a spammer tries to relay a message through the Barracuda Email Security Gateway by spoofing a valid domain as the sender to an invalid recipient, the Barracuda Email Security Gateway will block the message and it will appear in the outbound email statistics table as Blocked.

As an example, consider that is configured as a valid domain on the DOMAINS page and is not. A spammer sends a message from to the IP address of the Barracuda Email Security Gateway, addressed to The message will show as Blocked with a reason of ‘invalid domain’ in the Message Log and will be included in the outbound mail Blocked statistics.

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