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End-of-Sale for Models 100 and 200

As of October 4th, 2020, all new sales for models 100 and 200 of the Barracuda Email Security Gateway have ceased. Renewals of software subscriptions are still available.

Step 2 - Install the Barracuda Email Security Gateway

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Virtual Machine Installation

If you are using the Barracuda Email Security Gateway Vx, see the Virtual Deployment page to get and install your Barracuda Email Security Gateway Vx virtual machine.

Checklist for Unpacking

Before installing your Barracuda Email Security Gateway, match the items on this list with the items in the box. If any item is missing or damaged, please contact your Barracuda Networks Sales representative.

  • Barracuda Email Security Gateway (check that you have received the correct model)
  • AC power cord
  • Mounting rails (Barracuda Email Security Gateway 600, 800, and 900 only)

Also required for installation:

  • VGA monitor
  • PS2 keyboard
  • Ethernet cables

To physically install the Barracuda Email Security Gateway:

  1. Fasten the Barracuda Email Security Gateway to a standard 19-inch rack or other stable location.
    Important: Do not block the cooling vents located on the front and rear of the unit.
  2. Connect a CAT5 Ethernet cable from your network switch to the Ethernet port on the back of your Barracuda Email Security Gateway.
    The Barracuda Email Security Gateway supports both 10BaseT and 100BaseT Ethernet. Barracuda Networks recommends using a 100BaseT connection for best performance.

    The Barracuda Email Security Gateway 600 and higher supports Gigabit Ethernet and has two usable LAN ports. On these models, plug the Ethernet cable into the LAN 2 port.

    Do not connect any other cables to the other connectors on the unit. These connectors are for diagnostic purposes.

  3. Connect the following to your Barracuda Email Security Gateway:
    • Power cord
    • VGA monitor
    • PS2 keyboard
    After you connect the AC power cord the Barracuda Email Security Gateway may power on for a few seconds and then power off. This is standard behavior.
  4. Press the Power button located on the front of the unit. The login prompt for the administrative console is displayed on the monitor, and the light on the front of the system turns on. For a description of each indicator light, refer to Barracuda Email Security Gateway Hardware.

APC UPS Support

An APC (American Power Conversion) UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) device with a USB interface is supported with the Barracuda Email Security Gateway. No configuration changes are needed on the Barracuda Email Security Gateway to use one. When the APC UPS device is on battery power, the web interface will display an alert, and the Barracuda Email Security Gateway will shut down safely when there is an estimated time of 3 minutes of battery power remaining.

Continue with Step 3 - Initial Configuration.