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Monitoring Inbound and Outbound Email Traffic

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Monitor and Classify Incoming Emails

Once email is flowing through the Barracuda Email Security Gateway, the administrator can view the BASIC > Message Log page to get an idea of how many messages are being blocked, quarantined, tagged or allowed, with reasons for each of those actions. Reviewing this log will give an idea of how current settings are filtering messages, and the page enables adding or removing message senders to or from the whitelist. See the  Message Log for more information, and, for details on filtering messages in the log, click the Help button on the BASIC > Message Log page.

If you enable Bayesian filtering on the BASIC > Spam Checking page, you will then see Spam and Not Spam buttons on the BASIC > Message Log page in the tool bar. Use these actions to train the Bayesian database. Bayesian training works only on messages with 11 words or more. With Bayesian filtering enabled, if a message is not classified as spam by the Barracuda Email Security Gateway, but it appears to be spam, you can elect to submit that message to Barracuda Central from the BASIC > Message Log page. For best Bayesian accuracy, it is recommended that you reset your Bayesian database every 6 months. Note that Bayesian filtering is turned off by default.

See Advanced Inbound Email Filtering Policy for more details on using the Message Log with Bayesian filtering, and creating custom whitelists and blocklists to allow or block messages from specific IP addresses, domains or email accounts.

Monitor and Classify Outgoing Emails

If you have configured the Barracuda Email Security Gateway to filter outbound mail, watch the log on the BASIC > Outbound Quarantine page. Based on Outbound Spam Scoring Limits you specify on the BASIC > Spam Checking page, as well as any Block/Accept filters you configure, outbound messages will be quarantined or blocked as needed and listed on the BASIC > Outbound Quarantine page. Look for false positives and adjust spam scoring accordingly. Any message listed in the outbound quarantine can be delivered, whitelisted, deleted, or rejected by an administrator.

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