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How Quarantine Notifications Work

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The Barracuda Email Security Gateway can send notifications at predefined intervals and in selected languages to let users know that they have quarantined messages. The notification interval and email address can be set at the global level on the BASIC > Quarantine page and overridden at the domain level if allowed by the administrator. Because creating a quarantine digest for each user requires lots of system I/O, it is recommended to set the Notification Start Time on the BASIC > Quarantine page to outside of peak traffic time frames during the weekday. The default start time is 3:35pm (15:35). Users can override the Notification Interval of daily, weekly or never from their PREFERENCES tab if enabled by the administrator.

Multiple quarantine notifications can be sent out in a 24 hour period to let users know that they have quarantined mail. Configure this option by entering multiple times for Notification Start Time. Note that sending multiple notifications could affect system performance.

If you enable quarantine notifications, be sure to open port 8000 on your firewall (or whatever port you are using for the web interface) if you want the Barracuda Email Security Gateway to send quarantine notifications outside of the network.

It is a recommended to set the Quarantine Host value, which appears as the sending hostname in all quarantine and welcome emails from the system. Using this hostname as opposed to the system IP address (default) ensures that users are able to reach the Barracuda Email Security Gateway from their old notifications even after any possible changes in IP addresses.

At the domain level, to enable users (including Domain Admin, Helpdesk and User roles) to manage quarantine notifications for their own accounts, make sure the Enable User Features  setting on the BASIC > Quarantine page is turned On. Account holders can then access notification settings from their PREFERENCES > Quarantine page, overriding the global setting. The Default Language used in notification emails can also be set from this page.

How the Quarantine Digest Works

The quarantine digest only goes out if new quarantined mail is saved in the user’s folder since the last notification cycle. Each day the quarantine notification service runs for all users. If there is no new quarantined mail for a user since the last notification interval, or if a user has logged into their account since the last notification interval, no quarantine digest will be generated and sent to that user for that same 24 hour period. Note also that links in the quarantine digest for viewing, delivering, whitelisting or deleting a message from the quarantine inbox expire in 5 days from the date the digest is sent out.



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