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End-of-Sale for Models 100 and 200

As of October 4th, 2020, all new sales for models 100 and 200 of the Barracuda Email Security Gateway have ceased. Renewals of software subscriptions are still available.

How to Set Up Barracuda Cloud Control

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Barracuda Cloud Control enables administrators to manage, monitor and configure multiple Barracuda Email Security Gateways (version 6.0 and higher) at one time from one console. If you are using the Barracuda Cloud Protection Layer (CPL) feature of the Barracuda Email Security Gateway, you will manage it using Barracuda Cloud Control (see Cloud Protection Layer for details). For information specific to the Barracuda Cloud Control product configuration and management, see the Barracuda Cloud Control Overview.

For a single Barracuda Cloud Control account, you cannot use a linked Barracuda Email Security Gateway with an active Barracuda Email Security Service subscription. If that configuration is required, you must create a Barracuda Cloud Control for each.

The same tabbed pages are available on the Barracuda Cloud Control for managing all aspects of your Barracuda Email Security Gateway configuration that you see in each individual web interface, and you can create aggregated reports for multiple Barracuda Email Security Gateways from the Barracuda Cloud Control console.

Currently, if you are using CPL with the Barracuda Email Security Gateway and have configured CPL to use a non-US region, those statistics are not included in aggregated reports/views in Barracuda Cloud Control.

You can connect one or more Barracuda Email Security Gateways to Barracuda Cloud Control by doing the following:

  1. If you don't already have an account with Barracuda Networks, click the Create a New Barracuda Cloud Control Account link on the ADVANCED > Cloud Control page.

  2. Fill in the required information in the popup window to create the account and click Save Changes. Once the changes are saved, you'll receive a confirmation email in the email account you listed. Respond to the email to complete the new account setup.

  3. Log into your Barracuda Email Security Gateway as the administrator. From the ADVANCED > Firmware Upgrade page, check to make sure you have the latest firmware installed. If not, download and install it now.
  4. From the ADVANCED > Cloud Control page, select Yes, enter the Barracuda Networks username and password and click Save Changes to connect to Barracuda Cloud Control. Note that your Barracuda Email Security Gateway can connect with only one Barracuda Cloud Control account at a time.
  5. Log into Barracuda Cloud Control with your username and password and you will see your Barracuda Email Security Gateway statistics displayed on the BASIC > Dashboard page. To access the web interface of your Barracuda Email Security Gateway, click on the link in the Products column in the Cloud Control pane on the left side of the page. Or you can click on the product name in the Product column of the Unit Health pane on the right side of the page.
  6. Follow steps 3 and 4 to connect every subsequent Barracuda Email Security Gateway to Barracuda Cloud Control.
  7. To stop the synchronization between your Barracuda Email Security Gateway and Barracuda Cloud Control, from the ADVANCED > Cloud Control page on the Barracuda Email Security Gateway, enter the Barracuda Cloud Control username and password for the particular account associated with that device and click No for Connect to Barracuda Cloud Control. Do this when you know that there will be a loss of connectivity between the Barracuda Email Security Gateway and Barracuda Cloud Control due to the appliance being physically moved or other network connectivity issues.  

Note that reports cannot be emailed from the Barracuda Email Security Gateway when using Barracuda Cloud Control. The Barracuda Cloud Control Status field indicates whether or not this Barracuda Email Security Gateway is connected to Barracuda Cloud Control.


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