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Generate System Reports

The Barracuda Email Security Gateway has a variety of system reports that can help you keep track of such statistics as the top spam senders and the top viruses detected by the system.

Reports can be created for data collected at the global level as well as at the per-domain level. You can run reports and configure report settings from the BASIC > Reports page, and online help for that page includes a table listing all reports, the kind of data each report includes for inbound and/or outbound mail, and types of graphs available. You can either generate a system report on demand or schedule reports for regular delivery to specific users.

On demand reports can cover data for a specified date range, but generating a report to view instead of to send as an email can potentially consume excessive system resources on the Barracuda Email Security Gateway. For this reason, to minimize impact of report generation on the Barracuda Email Security Gateway performance, reports of over 7 days in length can only be generated through email.

Automate the Delivery of Scheduled System Reports

The Reporting Email Options section of the BASIC > Reporting page lets you configure the Barracuda Email Security Gateway to automatically deliver system reports daily, weekly or monthly to specific users by entering their email addresses in the field next to each report type.

You can enter as many email addresses as you like for each report as long as each address is separated by a comma. If you do not want a daily report to be distributed, do not enter an email address next to that report type.

Each scheduled report covers traffic for the selected Date Range and Start and End times, and can be automatically generated either Daily, Weekly or Monthly. The Traffic Summary report is a good status reporting tool, and having it emailed to your mail box every day is helpful for monitoring the system.

Report Format Options

Report output format options include HTML, PDF and Text.


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