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User Role

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This is the default role assigned to newly created accounts on the Barracuda Email Security Gateway, and only provides the account holder with a view of their quarantine inbox and some account preference settings, depending on what has been enabled for their account. For details about managing the quarantine inbox, please see Barracuda Email Security Gateway User 's Guide 6 and Above.

User role permissions may include:

  • Modify individual settings for quarantine, spam tag and block levels.
  • Management of quarantine inbox - mark as Spam/Not Spam, deliver, whitelist, delete quarantined messages.
  • Change password (if Single Sign-On authentication is not configured).
  • Create whitelists and blocklists for email addresses and domains.
  • Manage a personal Bayesian database.

If granted the permission, the User role can disable quarantine for their account such that all messages quarantined for that account holder’s email address(es) by the Barracuda Email Security Gateway will be delivered to their regular email inbox. The User account holder will see the following page upon login, with option to set preferences (see Assigning Features to User Accounts) and manage their quarantine inbox of messages. See also Quarantine Options.

Figure 1: User role view of web interface, displaying the Quarantine inbox.



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