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Route Email to the Barracuda Email Security Gateway Vx

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There are two common options for routing email to the Barracuda Email Security GatewayVx:

  • Port Forwarding: Change the port forwarding settings on your corporate firewall to route incoming email to your Barracuda Email Security GatewayVx.
  • MX Records: Create a DNS entry for your Barracuda Email Security GatewayVx and change your DNS MX record to route incoming email to the Barracuda. Typically, this is done at your DNS server or through your DNS service.
    • Example: DNS Entry for Barracuda Email Security IN A
    • Example: Modified MX Record IN MX 10

Note: some DNS servers cache information for up to 7 days, so it may take time for your email to be routed to the new MX record. To route OUTGOING mail through the Barracuda Email Security GatewayVx, you must configure Outbound Relay operation on the ADVANCED > Outbound page.

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