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Basic Monitoring Tools

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Viewing Performance Statistics

The BASIC > Dashboard page provides an overview of the health and performance of your Barracuda Email Security Gateway, including:

  • Hourly and daily email statistics that display the number of viruses blocked and messages rate controlled (deferred), blocked, quarantined, tagged (inbound only), sent (outbound only) and allowed (inbound only) for the last 24 hours and 28 days.
  • The subscription status of Energize Updates.
  • Performance statistics, including CPU temperature and system load. Performance statistics displayed in red signify that the value exceeds the normal threshold. These values will fluctuate based on the amount of traffic that is being handled, but if any setting remains consistently in the red for a long period of time, please contact Barracuda Networks Technical Support.

If the Mail/Log Storage rises above 75%, this indicates that more disk space has been taken up by the message and log storage than is allocated for that purpose and you should contact Barracuda Networks Technical Support.

If per-user quarantine is enabled and system performance has decreased, check the Quarantined number of messages shown in the Email Statistics [inbound] pane on the BASIC > Dashboard page. If this number is high, changing the Retention Policies for per-user quarantine on the USERS > Retention Policies page may solve the problem. See Retention Policy and Purging Old Messages for details and warnings about deleting large amounts of messages.

On the Barracuda Email Security Gateway 600 and higher, if a disk drive in the RAID array exhibits a problem, the Redundancy (RAID) indicator will highlight in red and show one of the drives as degraded with a link Click To Repair. Clicking this link will display a pop-up indicating the drive to replace and an Ok button and a Cancel button. You must first replace the disk drive that indicates a problem before proceeding with the repair operation. Please contact Barracuda Networks Technical Support if you need assistance.

Inbound and Outbound Message Queues

You can view the mail queues from the BASIC > Dashboard page with the In/Out Queue Size links.

The number of current inbound messages (In) plus accepted messages waiting for virus and spam scanning is shown, separated by a “/”, from the number of messages in the outbound queue (Out) waiting for the outbound server. Click either number to view a summary of the messages currently in the queues.

To view the queues in a Message Log format, with the ability to filter, requeue, delete and view details of selected queued messages, use the ADVANCED > Queue Management page.

Retrying All Outbound Messages

If the outbound queue number is high, the mail server could be down or there could be another network issue. Messages in the outbound queue will automatically expire if not successfully delivered within 48 hours (default). This may happen normally if the destination mail server rejects email based on mail server policy and the message is bounced back to the sender.

To requeue, or retry delivering ALL email messages in the out queue, click the Retry button at the bottom of the BASIC > Administration page to retry sending the messages immediately. The button will then be disabled until the requeue process has completed. To requeue, or retry delivering selected email messages in the out queue:

  1. Go to the ADVANCED > Queue Management page.
  2. Select messages to requeue.
  3. From the tool bar at the top of the table, click Tools.
  4. From the Tools drop-down, click Message Actions.
  5. From the Message Actions drop-down, select either Requeue All or Requeue Selected.

Note that alerts and notifications are queued separately from email so that the administrator can be alerted if the out message queue is high.

The Message Log

The BASIC > Message Log page displays details about all email traffic that passes through the Barracuda Email Security Gateway.You can view message source and analysis by clicking on a message; you will also see spam scoring for the message and Bayesian analysis, if enabled. This data is captured initially in the Mail Syslog and appears on the mail facility at the debug priority level on the specified syslog server.

The Message Log is a window into how the current spam and virus settings are filtering email coming through the Barracuda Email Security Gateway, and sorting data using the wide variety of filters can quickly provide a profile of email by allowed, tagged, quarantined or blocked messages by domain, sender, recipient, time, subject, size, reason for action taken or score.

Watch the Message Log after making changes to the spam and virus settings to determine if the Barracuda Email Security Gateway spam checking and quarantine behavior is tuned per the needs of your organization. See  Monitor and Classify Incoming Emails for more information about using the Message Log.

Message Log Storage

If your organization requires retention of message data or if you want to save the data for creating reports at a later date, set Enable Message Log Retention to Yes on the BASIC > Administration page. Also set a value for the Days to Keep Messages feature to the maximum number of days to retain the data. If there is no need to retain message log data, set this feature to No.

The Message Log stores data for up to 6 months. Actual number of messages are allocated 75% of available storage, which includes quarantine messages. If your organization needs to access more message log data than 6 months' worth, Barracuda recommends using a syslog server or a Message Archiver. For information on how to export Message Log to a CSV file, see How to Export the Message Log.

If you have previously set Enable Message Log Retention to Yes, but you no longer wish to have a specified amount of days to keep the Message Log, then if you set Enable Message Log Retention to No, the Barracuda Email Security Gateway will automatically maintain the message log to the standard 75% of the Mail/Log Storage shown the BASIC > Dashboard page. If there is no need to retain Message Log data, set this feature to No .

Secured Message Contents
  • When the Barracuda Email Security Gateway encrypts the contents of a message, the message body will not be displayed on the BASIC > Message Log, BASIC > Outbound Quarantine, or the ADVANCED > Queue Management pages.
  • Only the sender of the encrypted message(s) and the recipient can view the body of a message encrypted by the Barracuda Email Encryption Service. For Mail Journaling and the download features in the Message Viewer, the message body will not be sent to the Mail Journaling account and cannot be downloaded to the Desktop.

Using SNMP monitoring with an SNMP server

To monitor more specific information on a Barracuda Email Security Gateway, Barracuda Networks recommends using SNMP monitoring with an SNMP server. See How to Set Up Alerts and SNMP Monitoring for details.

Using the Task Manager to Monitor System Tasks

The ADVANCED > Task Manager page provides a list of tasks that are in the process of being performed and displays any errors encountered when performing these tasks. Some of the tasks that the Barracuda Email Security Gateway tracks include:

  • Clustered environment setup
  • Configuration and Bayesian data restoration
  • Removal of invalid users

If a task takes a long time to complete, you can click the Cancel link next to the task name and then run the task at a later time when the system is less busy. The Task Errors section will list an error until you manually remove it from the list. The errors are not automatically phased out over time.

Front and Rear Panel Configurations

See Barracuda Email Security Gateway Panel Indicators and Ports.



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