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Domain Admin Role

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The Domain Admin role is available on the Barracuda Email Security Gateway 600 and above and can configure all domain settings for designated domains as well as account settings for account holders who have lesser permissions. This role includes Helpdesk level permissions and use cases as described above plus the ability to:

  • View message contents (if privacy settings allow) for designated domains.
  • Enable or disable per-user quarantine at the domain level and, if per-user quarantine is disabled, specify a global quarantine email address for designated domains.
  • Enable or disable various Default User Features for new accounts (see Controlling Access to Account Features) for designated domains.

Domain Admin Role - All_Domains Permissions

The Domain Admin role has the above permissions for ALL domains configured on the Barracuda Email Security Gateway if the Managed domains for text box on the USERS > Account View > Edit Role page for this account holder includes the phrase "all_domains". In this case, all domains for which the Barracuda Email Security Gateway filters email will appear in the DOMAINS page.

  • A Domain Admin account holder with all_domains permission can also do the following:
  • Create or change the role of a Domain Admin account holder who does not have all_domains permissions.
  • Log into and manage the quarantine inbox of a Domain Admin who does not have all_domains permissions.
  • Create or edit a Helpdesk account with all_domains permissions.

Navigation of the web interface for the Domain Admin role follows the examples illustrated for the Helpdesk Role, plus the following.

Figure 1: The Domain Admin role can configure domain-level settings.



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