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Using a Syslog Server to Centrally Monitor System Logs

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Use the ADVANCED > Advanced Networking page to specify a server to which the Barracuda Email Security Gateway sends syslog data. Syslog is a standard UNIX/Linux tool for sending remote system logs and is available on all UNIX/Linux systems. Syslog servers are also available for Windows platforms from a number of free and premium vendors.

The Web Syslog data contains information about user login activities and any configuration changes made on the machine. This syslog data appears on the local facility with login information at the info priority level, and configuration changes appear at the debug priority level on the specified syslog server.

The Mail Syslog captures data related to mail flow and is the same information as that used to build the Message Log in the Barracuda Email Security Gateway. The Mail Syslog includes data such as the connecting IP, envelope 'From' address, envelope 'To' address, and the spam score for the messages transmitted. This syslog data appears on the mail facility at the debug priority level on the specified syslog server.

See the Syslog section of the ADVANCED > Troubleshooting page for the facility to open a window and view the Mail Syslog or Web Syslog output.

For details about using the Barracuda syslog with the Barracuda Email Security Gateway, see Syslog and the Barracuda Email Security Gateway.

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