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End-of-Sale for Models 100 and 200

As of October 4th, 2020, all new sales for models 100 and 200 of the Barracuda Email Security Gateway have ceased. Renewals of software subscriptions are still available.

How to Back Up and Restore System Information

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The Barracuda Email Security Gateway integrates with other systems and services in your environment, such as your FTP/FTPS and SMB servers. Barracuda Networks recommends creating separate service accounts for these integration points, rather than personal accounts, and then using the principle of least privilege. This integration strategy is part of an overall security policy. For more information, see Security for Integrating with Other Systems - Best Practices.

Three Kinds of Backup Files

The ADVANCED > Backups page lets you back up and restore three kinds of backup files for your Barracuda Email Security Gateway:

  • System configuration
  • Bayesian databases - global and per-user (if your model supports per-user)
  • Explicit Users to Accept For and Alias Linking data

You should back up your system on a regular basis in case you need to restore this information on a replacement Barracuda Email Security Gateway or in the event that your current system data becomes corrupt.

To prepare the system for backing up, first configure your backup server information, then select which, if not all, backups you want to create, and, if desired, a schedule of automated backups on the ADVANCED > Backups page. If you are restoring a backup file on a new Barracuda Email Security Gateway that is not configured, you first need to assign your new system an IP address and DNS information on the BASIC > IP Configuration page of the new system.

Important notes about backups:

  • Do not edit backup files. Any configuration changes you want to make need to be done through the Web interface. The configuration backup file contains a checksum that prevents the file from being uploaded to the system if any changes are made.
  • You can safely view a backup file in Windows WordPad or TextPad. You should avoid viewing backup files in Windows Notepad because the file can become corrupted if you save the file from this application.
  • The firmware version running on the system when the backup file was generated should match the firmware version on the system you are restoring onto. If it does not match, you will see a warning at the top of the page when you attempt to restore.
  • Information not backed up with the system configuration file includes system password, system IP information, DNS information and clustering settings. For a complete list of settings that are not backed up, please click the Help button on the ADVANCED > Backups page.
  • For Automated Backups, you must select a server type. If you select FTP, note the following. The Barracuda Email Security Gateway, by default, initiates ftp in passive mode. If your backup times out, and your ftp server is running in passive mode, and you have a firewall between your Barracuda Email Security Gateway and your ftp server, you may need to open ports on your firewall to allow passive-mode ftp connections. The port range depends on your ftp server configuration. Ideally, the firewall should be configured so that only that range of ports is accessible to the ftp server machine. Make sure that there aren't any other TCP services with port numbers in the port range listening on the ftp server machine.  

Restoring a Backup

Restoring a backup simply requires browsing your local system with the click of a button on the ADVANCED > Backups page and selecting a backup file. Please click the Help button on that page for details about restoring backups.

  • Do not restore a configuration file onto a machine that is currently part of a cluster. All cluster information will be lost and the units will need to be re-clustered if this happens.
  • If you need to restore a backup from one Barracuda Email Security Gateway model to a different model, please contact Barracuda Networks Technical Support before proceeding. Note that settings on one model may not apply to a different model.
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