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Managing Outbound Quarantine

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For outbound mail, there is no per-user quarantine mechanism on the Barracuda Email Security Gateway as there is with inbound mail. Messages that meet or exceed the scoring level you set on the BASIC > Spam Checking page for the quarantine of outbound messages, and messages that violate outbound policies you have configured on various BLOCK/ACCEPT pages will be placed in outbound quarantine for the system. These messages will be logged and can be viewed on the BASIC > Outbound Quarantine page. At the domain level, messages in outbound quarantine can be viewed and managed by domain under DOMAINS > Manage Domain > OUTBOUND QUARANTINE > Outbound Quarantine.

Go to the BASIC > Quarantine page to configure the outbound quarantine settings discussed here.

Immediate notifications can be sent to the administrator via the specified Notification Address whenever an outbound message is placed into quarantine. As with inbound quarantine notifications, a quarantine summary can be sent on a daily or weekly basis, if at all.

An Age Retention Policy can be specified for outbound mail, indicating when old quarantined outbound messages should be removed from the Barracuda Email Security Gateway. Use this option together with the Size Limit (KB) and Size Retention Policy to limit the amount of disk space allotted on the Barracuda Email Security Gateway for storing quarantined outbound mail. Regardless of these settings, quarantined outbound messages are always retained for at least 3 days.

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