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Helpdesk Role

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This role is available for the Barracuda Email Security Gateway 300 and higher and can manage basic account settings for accounts associated with one or more domains and assist users with managing their quarantine inboxes. This role has the User level permissions plus the ability to:

  • Change or update user account settings in the domain(s) to which the helpdesk user is assigned, which includes users spam scoring, whitelist/blocklist, quarantine enable/disable, notification and Bayesian filtering settings.
  • View the Message Log for the domain(s) managed and deliver quarantined messages. The Helpdesk role cannot, however, view the body of messages in the Message Log.
  • Log into an account with lesser permissions and manage the associated quarantine inbox – mark as spam/not spam, deliver, whitelist or delete messages.
  • View domain-level status and reports (with the exception of the daily False Positive and False Negative, which can only be generated at the global level by the administrator).
  • Edit account roles for account holders with lesser permissions.

The Helpdesk role has the above permissions for ALL domains configured on the Barracuda Email Security Gateway if the Managed domains for text box on the USERS > Account View > Edit Role page for this account holder includes the phrase "all_domains".

A Helpdesk account holder with all_domains permission can also do the following:

  • Change the role of a Helpdesk account holder (to the User role) who does not have all_domains permissions.
  • Log into and manage the quarantine inbox of a Helpdesk or a Domain Admin who does not have all_domains permissions

If the Helpdesk account holder only administers a subset of all domains configured on the Barracuda Email Security Gateway, only those domains will appear in the DOMAINS page. Here, the Helpdesk account only administers two domains:


Figure 1: Helpdesk account holder sees a list of only domains that they manage.


Clicking on the Manage Domain link will show a subset of the web interface. The Helpdesk role sees basic email statistics, can view reports and the Message Log for the selected domain and manage the quarantine inbox and settings for other account holders, depending on their permissions level.

From the USERS > Account View page, the Helpdesk account holder can view and edit accounts and quarantine inboxes for the domain or manage their own account.

Figure 3: USERS > Account View page: the Helpdesk role sees a list of the accounts associated with the domain.


For any account holders listed for the domain, the Helpdesk account holder can manage the quarantine inbox and some account settings, as described above.

Example Helpdesk Use Cases

  • Disabling quarantine on the USERS > Add/Edit page for one or more users for reasons such as the following:
    • You don’t want to use Barracuda Email Security Gateway resources to store quarantined email, but you want your users to maintain their own whitelists and blocklists of email addresses and domains.
    • Users don’t want to maintain two inboxes, but want to control spam scoring and quarantine notification intervals for their incoming email.
  • A User account holder needs help changing their password.
  • A User account holder needs to know why email from a particular address is getting blocked by the Barracuda Email Security Gateway and the Helpdesk role can:
    • View the reason for blocking on the BASIC > Message Log page.
    • Deliver the message if necessary.
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