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Spam Scoring Outbound

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The last filtering event applied to an outbound email message is assignment of a score based on the probability that it is spam. The administrator can decide how to deal with outbound messages suspected be spam based on the Outbound Spam Scoring Limits as configured on the BASIC > Spam Checking page. For more information, see How Spam Scoring Works.

Spam scoring limits (from 0 to 9.9) can determine whether to send, quarantine or block outbound messages:

  • Quarantining the message means that the message is suspected to be spam or in violation of policy, and will be stored on the Barracuda Email Security Gateway for the administrator to review. The message can then be whitelisted, rejected, deleted or delivered by the administrator. See Managing Outbound Quarantine for more information.
  • Blocking the message means it will not be delivered. If a message is blocked due to its spam score, and if the Send Bounce option for Outbound is set to Yes in the Spam Bounce (NDR) Configuration section of the ADVANCED > Bounce/NDR Settings page, a non-delivery receipt (NDR/bounce message) is also sent to the sender by the Barracuda Email Security Gateway.

Note that, unlike with inbound mail, the Barracuda Email Security Gateway does not offer tagging of outbound messages.



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