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Role-based Administration

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The Barracuda Email Security Gateway offers several levels of 'scope' when accessing the web interface and configuring the system. This enables delegation of tasks such as:

  • Domain Administration: Management of only domain-level settings for one or more domains that are protected by the Barracuda Email Security Gateway
  • Helpdesk duties such as supporting end-user management of quarantine inbox, passwords and associated preferences
  • Application of governance, risk management and compliance policies to outbound email content by managing messages in the outbound quarantine log

Only the administrator (Admin) role has access to the global scope, with access to all settings. Administration of domain-level settings can be delegated to the Domain Admin role, which has the most permissions, the Helpdesk role, with fewer permissions, or the Governance, Risk Management and Compliance (GRC) Account role, which has very limited permissions and a specific role. Finally, the User role can only see and manage their account, or quarantine inbox and related settings. See Role Descriptions for more detail. To create roles and to understand the difference in navigating the web interface for the Admin versus other roles, see Roles and Navigating the Web Interface.


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