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LDAP Error Codes

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The LDAPResult is the construct used in this protocol to return success or failure indications from servers to clients. In response to various requests, servers will return responses containing fields of type LDAPResult to indicate the final status of a protocol operation request. The contents of the table below are from RFC 2251.

All the result codes with the exception of success, compareFalse and compareTrue are to be treated as meaning the operation could not be completed in its entirety. If a client receives a result code which is not listed in the table, it is to be treated as an unknown error condition.

LDAP Server Return Codes

Operations error1
Protocol error2
Time limit exceeded3
Size limit exceeded4
Compare false5
Compare true6
Strong authentication not supported7
Strong authentication required8
Partial results9
No such attribute10
Admin limit exceeded11
No such attribute16
Undefined attribute type17
Inappropriate matching18
Constraint violation19
Attribute or value exists20
Invalid attribute syntax21
No such object32
Alias problem33
Invalid DN syntax34
Alias dereferencing problem36
Inappropriate authentication48
Invalid credentials49
Insufficient access rights50
Unwilling to perform53
Loop detect54
Naming violation64
Object class violation65
Not allowed on nonleaf66
Not allowed on RDN67
Entry already exists68
Object class mods prohibited69
Can't contact LDAP server81
Local error82
Encoding error83
Decoding error84
Timed out85
Unknown authentication method86
Bad search filter87
User cancelled operation88
Bad parameter to an ldap routine89
Out of Memory90



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