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Barracuda Email Security Gateway

Barracuda Email Threat Scanner for Office 365

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Use the free Barracuda ETS for Office 365 to discover security and compliance threats that reside in your Microsoft Office 365 account. This web-based service scans Office 365 accounts for advanced threats that hide in user emails and attachments. The cloud-based scan runs in the background and identifies mailboxes that contain risks including who the mailbox belongs to, the sender of the risk, and details about the risk including what the risk is targeting. The service scans for:

  • Malicious files in user inboxes;
  • Insider threats; and
  • Zero-day threats.

Scan for Threats

  1. Go to https://scan.barracudanetworks.com, and enter your Barracuda Cloud Control account credentials in the associated fields. Review the Barracuda Privacy Policy, and then click Get Started.
  2. Click Connect Office 365 to Scan Your Account; you are prompted to log in to your Office 365 account. Enter your login credentials, and click Sign in. 
  3. Review the requested permissions, and then click Accept
  4. Once permissions are accepted, Barracuda ETS for Office 365 displays. Click Start Threat Scanner. 
  5. Barracuda ETS for Office 365 immediately begins scanning your Office 365 account for threats:
  6. Once the scan is complete, the Scan report displays the Top Threats as well as Trends and Threat Types in chart form:

  7. To share the report with other users, toggle Enable sharing, and then copy and email the provided link to the appropriate users.
  8. Click the Advanced Threats tab to view a table of all identified threats.
  9. Once you review the report, click the Remediate tab, and click Get Remediation Checklist for a comprehensive preparation checklist.


Once threats are identified, Barracuda recommends using Advanced Threat Protection to prevent new threats from entering your system. For more information, see Advanced Threat Protection.

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