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End-of-Sale for Models 100 and 200

As of October 4th, 2020, all new sales for models 100 and 200 of the Barracuda Email Security Gateway have ceased. Renewals of software subscriptions are still available.

When Your Energize Updates Subscription Expires

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It is critical to keep your Energize Updates subscription current in order to continue applying the latest security definitions to your Barracuda Email Security Gateway and protect your network and users. The Barracuda Email Security Gateway will prompt you with a message at the top of the BASIC > Dashboard page before the subscription expires.

The table below provides the details of the impact the expiration of Energize Updates subscription has on the capabilities of the Barracuda Email Security Gateway for hardware and virtual appliances. IMPORTANT:  If you are using the Cloud Protection Layer (CPL) and your license expires, your mail flow will stop.




Vx virtual


Access to the web interfaceAvailable Available
Mail flowContinues

Stopped, with reason

"License Expired"

Spam checkingOff


Virus checkingOnOff
Configuration changesAllowed Not allowed
Reports and Logs

Available. Message Log


Message Log is

rendered blank.

Firmware DownloadsNot allowed Not allowed
Security DefinitionsNot allowed Not allowed
Access to Support TunnelAvailableAvailable

On the ADVANCED > Energize Updates page,

  • The following is displayed for Subscription Status for every definition on the page:
    Expired   (expiration date) (Click here to renew)

  • The following message is displayed at the top of the page:    

Your Energize Update subscription has expired. Please click here to renew your subscription.   Error: This Virtual appliance's subscription has expired and is currently disabled. (Click here to purchase)

On the ADVANCED > Firmware Update page:

  • The message EXPIRED is displayed for Latest General Release on the ADVANCED > Firmware Update page, and Download Now is disabled.

  • You can still revert to previous or factory firmware.

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