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Why is my Email Security Gateway blocking all emails for reason of Subject ( ), Body ( ), or Header ( )?

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  • Date changed: 2 years ago
Solution #00000948

Applies to Email Security Gateways 

The Email Security Gateway is querying the Content Filters and finding an entry that matches the word or phrase within the message.
To verify and/or fix this, go to the Content Filtering page (v3.5 and below) BLOCK/ACCEPT > Subject Filtering, BLOCK/ACCEPT > Body Filtering, or BLOCK/ACCEPT > Header Filtering page, or (v4.0 & above) BLOCK/ACCEPT > Content Filtering, depending on the reason cited in the Message Log.

If the Barracuda is blocking ALL messages with a blank reference, i.e. Subject ( ), make sure a single space character has not been saved. If so, simply remove it and save changes.

If you receive the "Duplicate Filters" error refer to Solution #00005909 

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