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Why am I unable to see the footer I've created for my outbound emails on the Email Security Gateway?

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  • Date changed: 3 years ago
Solution #00000993

This applies to all Email Security Gateways

Messages using the US-ASCII charset will not have the Outbound Footer attached to them. This may appear to happen randomly, but in truth it may be due to a multipart/alternative content-type being used in some cases and the US-ASCII charset being used without the multipart/alternative content-type in others. The multipart/alternative content-type will allow the HTML version of the footer to be attached. We recommend using the ISO 8859-1 charset (as opposed to US-ASCII), as this charset is standardized and will allow the footer to be attached.

It is also possible that the outbound messages are not passing through the Barracuda. This is easily tested by sending am e-mail to an external domain and checking the headers to see whether the mail message has passed through the Barracuda. Alternatively, you can search the message log for outgoing messages to determine whether the Barracuda sees the outbound messages as they leave your network.

To allow the footer to be attached as HTML, navigate to the Advanced > Outbound Footer page of the Email Security Gateway's web interface. In the Outbound Footer section, copy the footer message into the HTML field.

Aditional Notes:
The following Microsoft Knowledgebase article describes how to change the character encoding when using Exchange 2000 server:

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