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What are the recommended LDAP settings to allow my Email Security Gateway to work with IMail?

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  • Date changed: 3 years ago
Solution #00001263

Applies to all Email Security Gateways using IMail LDAP, all firmware versions.

The common syntax used for IMail is:
  • Port: 389 (636 if using secure LDAP)
  • Bind DN: CN=administrator,
  • Filter:
( (othermailbox=smtp$${recipient_email}
  • LDAP Search Base: ${defaultNamingContext}
  • LDAP UID: uid
  • LDAP Primary Email Attribute: mail
In IMail 7.1.5, these options may need to be different:
  • LDAP Filter: (mail=${recipient_email}) 
  • LDAP Search Base:
  • Uncheck Hide from information services on the IMail server itself. The attached image shows where to uncheck this option.
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