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Can remotely clustered Email Security Gateways in different locations deliver mail to their own local mail servers?

  • Type: Knowledgebase
  • Date changed: 10 months ago
Solution #00001467

This solution applies to versions of firmware 3.3 and greater, on models 400 and up. This solution assumes that each Email Security Gateway in the cluster shows all Email Security Gateways properly (with a green indicator light) on the Advanced > Clustering page.

Any changes made to the Local Host Map (on the Advanced > Clustering page) do not replicate across the cluster, so unique identifiers can be made for a particular Barracuda's local network.

An administrator can specify the word localmail as the destination mail server's IP address (under the Domains tab, which will sync across the cluster) and then specify the IP address of localmail on the Local Host Map (using a different IP for the same localmail string on the Advanced > Clustering page of each Email Security Gateway in the cluster). This also works for LDAP servers (i.e. you can specify localldap as the LDAP server under the Domains tab and specify different local IP addresses under Local Host Map next to the localldap host name on each Barracuda in the cluster).

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