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Can different models of the Email Security Gateway be clustered together?

  • Type: Knowledgebase
  • Date changed: 11 months ago
Solution #00001501

All Email Security Gateway models 400 and higher, all firmware versions.

Email Security Gateways do not support clustering between different models. There are three reasons for this:
  1. Different models have different feature-sets. That said, a model 400 would not gain a model 600 feature-set in a cluster situation.
  2. CPU speed and memory amount vary between different models. A model 400 would not be able to process e-mail as rapidly as its model 600 counterpart, for example. As a result, latency issues would occur in situations where cluster models are ansynchronous. 
  3. The number of smtp connections and spam scanner connections is configured per model. Clustering unlike units would either force a lower end model to use too may resources, or throttle down a higher end model.
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