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How can I block or tag all emails containing foreign characters on my Email Security Gateway?

  • Type: Knowledgebase
  • Date changed: 10 months ago
Solution #00001694

This solution applies to Email Security Gateways, firmware version 3.5.12 and higher. North American or European customers who have an influx of foreign character spam and do not deal with foreign clients in day-to-day business should use this solution to completely block foreign character sets.

The Email Security Gateway includes a built-in feature to block emails containing common character sets.

Firmware version 3.5.x:
Navigate to Advanced > Regional Settings.

Firmware version 4.0.x and later:
Navigate to Block / Accept > Regional Settings.

Under the Character Set Policies heading, you can choose to block, quarantine, or tag all messages containing any of the foreign character sets listed. As of firmware release 3.5.12, the current list of character sets that can be blocked are Arabic, Chinese, German, Greek, Hebrew, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Thai, Turkish, and Vietnamese.

Additional Notes:
To block foreign emails based upon their country of origin, rather than their character sets, see Solution #00003622.

To block foreign emails based upon the actual characters in the mail rather than their character sets, see Solution # 00006962.

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