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One of my users did not receive their Daily Quarantine report from my Email Security Gateway today. Why?

  • Type: Knowledgebase
  • Date changed: 3 years ago
Solution #00001697

Applies to all Email Security Gateway models 300 and higher using per-user quarantine, all firmware versions.

If the user in question has not received a quarantine message to his or her quarantine inbox since their last quarantine summary email was generated, then the report engine will not have any new quarantine messages to report. It's not uncommon for users to receive quarantine messages on some days and not others. The Email Security Gateway will only generate a quarantine summary email if a user has received a quarantined message since their previous quarantine summary email was generated.

Also, users will not receive a quarantine summary email if they've logged in to their quarantine account before the quarantine summary emails were generated, and they did not receive any new quarantine emails since their login. Again, in this case, it is because the Email Security Gateway has nothing new to report to the user.

Additional Notes:
If all your users should be receiving their quarantine summary emails and are not, check the Outbound SMTP Host/Smart Host option on the Basic > Administration page of the Email Security Gateway's web interface. If a misconfigured outbound SMTP host has been entered here, the Barracuda will be unable to deliver the quarantine summary emails. In most cases, removing this configuration and clicking the Save Changes button will resolve the issue; the Email Security Gateway has a robust, fully-developed MTA that is more than capable of sending its own quarantine summary emails.

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