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How can I have the Email Security Gateway look for just the username portion of an email address on my LDAP server?

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  • Date changed: one year ago
Solution #00001701

Applies to Email Security Gateway models 300 and higher that are using LDAP for recipient verification, all firmware versions.

There is a special LDAP search filter variable, ${recipient_local_part}, that refers to only the username portion of a recipient email address. In other words, if the recipient address is, this variable wil contain jsmith.

If you want the Email Security Gateway to just look up users and validate based on the uid attribute, you could use the following LDAP search filter:

( (uid=${recipient_local_part}))

Or, if you wanted the Barracuda to always look up the user using specific, possibly different domain for the email address, you could enter the desired domain directly into your LDAP search filter:

( (mail=${recipient_local_part}

The LDAP Search Filter field can be found on the Domains > Edit Domain page for each configured domain.

Additional Notes:
For more information on writing custom LDAP filters, see Solution #00001802.

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