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What tasks does the Email Security Gateway's mail client plugin perform?

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  • Date changed: 3 years ago
Solution #00001705

Applies to all Email Security Gateway models 300 and above in use with a mail client plugin, all firmware versions.

Barracuda Networks provides access to mail client plugin that lets end users mark messages as Spam and Not Spam directly from their mail client. In addition, the plugin automatically creates and maintains a personalized whitelist based on the user's behavior. The whitelist generated by the plug-in and the classification made by the user only affect that user's individual Bayesian database and not the global database.

The plugin performs the same functionality as classification from the Basic > Message Log page of the Email Security Gateway's web interface, except that all feedback is stored in a per-user Bayesian database on the system. This mechanism prevents users from compromising the global Bayesian database, and results in more specific scoring based on a user?s personal mail preferences.

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For more information on the Outlook plugin, check out the Outlook plugin guide at For more information on the Lotus Notes plugin, see Solution #00003509.

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