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Spammers like to use web-forwarding URLs to advertise. How do I block these URLs on my Email Security Gateway?

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  • Date changed: 3 years ago
Solution #00001731

All Email Security Gateways, firmware versions 3.4 and above.

It's not uncommon for spammers to use web-forwarding for their adverstising. Usually, spammers will place a URL into the body of a spam email, hoping for the recipient to click and visit their website. Web-forwarding occurs when one domain redirects traffic to another domain. For example, here's how traffic may redirect with web-forwarding: -->

The Email Security Gateway can follow the links in emails to see whether they redirect to a known spamming domain using a feature called Multi-Level Intent Analysis. This can be enabled on the Basic > Bayesian/Intent page of the Barracuda's web interface.

Additional Notes:
For more information about Multi-Level Intent Analysis and other Intent domain blocking, see Solution #00001581.

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