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Does the Email Security Gateway require that I have my own email server?

  • Type: Knowledgebase
  • Date changed: 11 months ago
Solution #00002120

This solution applies to all Email Security Gateway models on all firmware versions.

Yes. The Email Security Gateway receives Internet email over SMTP connections, rejects mail containing spam and viruses, and forwards the good mail to a downstream mail server via SMTP.

Additional Notes:
As of firmware release 3.5.11, the Email Security Gateway is also able to receive Internet email stored on another email server via POP3 and forward the good mail to a downstream mail server via SMTP. This feature was specifically designed for sites who have internal mail servers but collect their Internet email from a mail server hosted by an ISP. For example, Microsoft's own small business offering of Microsoft Exchange (Microsoft Small Business Server) also includes the ability to do the same thing with the Microsoft Connector for POP3 Mailboxes. For reference, click here.

The Remote IMAP/POP Accounts feature enables the Email Security Gateway to collect messages from existing POP3 accounts and forward them via SMTP to a destination email server, thus replacing tools like the Microsoft Connector for POP3 mailboxes, and adding the valuable functions of antivirus and antispam protection. The Remote POP Accounts feature supports both "global" accounts, where all the email destined for a domain is dropped in one mailbox, and "user" accounts where each user has his or her own POP3 mailbox.

For more information on configuring the Remote IMAP/POP Accounts feature, please see Solution #00003057.

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