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Why is my Email Security Gateway frequently contacting Barracuda Networks' servers?

  • Type: Knowledgebase
  • Date changed: 3 years ago
Solution #00002313

All Email Security Gateways, all firmware versions.

The Email Security Gateway will contact the Barracuda Networks support servers, the Barracuda Networks update servers, and the Barracuda Central servers for the following reasons:
  • Opening a support tunnel (initiated by an administrator on the Advanced > Troubleshooting page)
  • Updating the firmware (initiated by an administrator on the Advanced > Firmware Update page)
  • Updating the Energize Updates (configured on the Advanced > Energize Updates page, which may occur as often as every half-hour)
  • Updating the Barracuda IP lists (automatically occurs as often as 4 times per hour when either the Barracuda IP Reputation or the Barracuda Whitelist features are enabled on the Block/Accept > IP Reputation page)
  • Bayesian reporting (when an email is marked as spam, configured on the Basic > Bayesian/Intent page as the Submit Email To Barracuda Networks option)
  • Fingerprint analysis (automatically occurs whenever an email is processed, assuming Fingerprint Analysis is enabled on the Basic > Bayesian/Intent page)
  • Virus analysis (automatically occurs whenever an email is processed, assuming Barracuda Real-Time Protection has been enabled on the Basic > Virus Checking page)
Additional Notes:
In addition to the reasons listed above, Email Security Gateways also report statistics to Barracuda Networks in order to fight spam, virus, and other threats as well as optimize and monitor the product. Customer data is kept private and is only reported in aggregate by Barracuda Networks (as seen on the front page of

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