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What configurations are not synchronized across a Email Security Gateway cluster?

  • Type: Knowledgebase
  • Date changed: 10 months ago
Solution #00003248

All Email Security Gateway models 400 and above, all firmware versions.

The following Email Security Gateway configurations are considered unique and will not sync to match other Email Security Gateways in a cluster:
  • IP Address, Subnet Mask, and Default Gateway (on the Basic > IP Configuration page)
  • Primary DNS Server and Secondary DNS Server (on the Basic > IP Configuration page)
  • Serial number (this will never change)
  • Hostname (on the Basic > IP Configuration page)
  • Any advanced IP configuration (models 600 and above, on the Advanced > Advanced IP Configuration page) 
  • Administrator password 
  • Guest password 
  • Time Zone (on the Basic > Administration page)
  • Cluster Host Name (on the Advanced > Clustering page)
  • Cluster Shared Secret, though this must be the same for the cluster to work properly (on the Advanced > Clustering page)
  • Local Host Map (on the Advanced > Clustering page)
  • SMTP Welcome Banner (on the Advanced > Email Protocol page)
  • Web Interface HTTP Port (on the Basic > Administration page)
  • Web Interface HTTPS/SSL port (on the Advanced > Secure Administration page)
  • Any other secure administration configuration, including saved certificates (on the Advanced > Secure Administration page)
  • Quarantine Host (on the Basic > Quarantine page) 
  • All SSL/TLS information, including saved certificates (on the Advanced > SMTP/TLS page)
  • Whether to only display local messages in the message log (Only view local messages on the Basic > Message Log > Preferences page)
  • Whether the latest release notes have been read
  • All customized branding (models 600 and above, on the Advanced > Appearance page) 
  • The explicit users list (if enabled and used, on the Advanced > Explicit Users page)
  • The Valid Recipients list (3.5.11 and above only, on the Domains > Edit Domain pages)
Additional Notes:
Energize updates do not synchronize across systems in a cluster.

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