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How do I use the Valid Recipients feature of the Email Security Gateway?

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  • Date changed: 2 years ago
Solution #00003395

All Email Security Gateways, firmware versions 3.5.11 and above.


The Valid Recipients feature (also known as native recipient validation) may be used in addition to the standard recipient verification methods of the Email Security Gateway, or in place of them. It is used by specifying a list of valid email addresses directly on the Email Security Gateway on the Domains > Edit Domain page.

The valid recipients list is a list of individual email addresses, one per line. For example:

Set the Use only this list for recipient verification option to Yes to restrict incoming email to the specifically-listed addresses. Set it to No to cause incoming email recipients to be checked against this list first, before proceeding to other verification modes.

Additional Notes:
You can also configure manual alias linking using the Valid Recipients feature. To link multiple email addresses together so that their quarantined email will be delivered to the same quarantine inbox when using per-user quarantine, you need to list each email address on the same line, separated by spaces. When you do this, the first email address listed on a line with multiple email addresses is not treated as a valid recipient - it is only the quarantine account to which all quarantine email for each following email address should be delivered. This first email address does not even need to belong to the domain for which it is listed; this is how you can configure manual aliasing across multiple domains.

For example, if a user has three email addresses (,, and, and you want all of the quarantined email for each address to be delivered to the account, you would enter this into the Valid Recipients list on the Domains > Edit Domain page:

Here, the first email address is the quarantine account to receive quarantine email for each of the following email addresses. If you do not list a second time, that account will receive the quarantine email for the other addresses, but that email address itself will not be treated as a valid recipient.

Also, if you want to link users across multiple domains, you could do something like this, where is another domain hosted on your Email Security Gateway:

You would enter this on the Domains > Edit Domain page for, and all quarantined mail sent to those three addresses (,, and would be delivered to the quarantine account. Again, will not count as a valid recipient because it is the first address listed.

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