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What are the Security Definitions on my Barracuda Networks product? Why haven't they been updated recently?

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  • Date changed: 3 years ago
Solution #00003553

All Barracuda Networks products, all firmware versions.

In general, Barracuda Networks releases new features and fixes to the Barracuda operating system and underlying platform by making firmware updates available for download. Firmware updates require explicit action on the part of system administrators.

Security Definitions have been built into the Barracuda Networks product line to allow for immediate patching of any newly discovered medium to high severity operating system security vulnerabilities or operational defects. System administrators can opt-in or opt-out of having their Barracuda Networks products automatically apply Security Definitions. This can be configured on the Advanced > Energize Updates page.
As of writing (2008-07-08), Barracuda Networks has not faced a security or operational issue in its underlying platform requiring the use of the Security Definition process.

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