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Is there an easy way to block emails containing certain domains with my Email Security Gateway? How?

  • Type: Knowledgebase
  • Date changed: 10 months ago

Solution #00003623

All Email Security Gateways, firmware versions 3.5.12 and above.

Solution #00001581 explains how the Email Security Gateway checks incoming emails for domains
against a list of known spammer URLs that are found within the body of spam messages with the Intent Analysis feature. Now, in firmware versions 3.5.12 and above, the Email Security Gateway allows administrators to add additional domains and URLs to the Barracuda's Intent Analysis process with the URL Additions feature. Using this feature is easier, more efficient, and safer than writing regular expressions to block domains.

To add domains to the Intent list, first navigate to the Basic > Bayesian/Intent page. Then, enter a list of additional domains to be checked in Intent Analysis into the URL Additions table. You can select either matches or ends with from the Expression drop-down menu to specify whether domains need to match the Value exactly, or only need to end with the Value entered. For example, entering a domain like example.com as the Value with the matches Expression will catch the example.com domain, but not the goodexample.com or good.example.com domains. Changing the Expression to ends with will catch those additional domains and subdomains that end with example.com.

Additional Notes:

When entering a domain as the Value, it should not contain the http:// portion of the URL.

You can also enter top-level domains here. For example, to block URLs containing domains that end in .info, you would enter .info as the Value, and select ends with as the Expression.

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