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Why does my Email Security Gateway seem to be using an old version of the Barracuda Reputation database?

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  • Date changed: 3 years ago

Solution #00003646


Email Security Gateway running firmware release 3.5.10 or 3.5.11.

The Email Security Gateway maintains a local copy of the Barracuda Reputation database for use by the IP reputation defense layer. By maintaining this local database replica, Barracuda Reputation can efficiently vet sender IP addresses without the need for DNS queries (such as those used with DNSBL implementations) or continuous dependence on a backend service.


The Barracuda Reputation database is kept up-to-date locally on Email Security Gateway through Energize Updates from Barracuda Central. In general, ongoing, incremental updates to the Barracuda Reputation database are replicated multiple times per hour.


On 3.5 firmware releases prior to version, there was an issue on slow networks that could cause these incremental updates to retry or become delayed. This issue was resolved in firmware release


All customers experiencing issues with excessive bandwidth utilization (from retries) or apparently out-of-date Barracuda Reputation blocks (from delays) should upgrade to firmware release or later.

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