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What ports should be open on my firewall to allow the Email Security Gateway to operate properly?

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All Email Security Gateways, all firmware versions.


There are fives ports that are REQUIRED to be open to your Barracuda  Spam Firewall:

TCP port 22 OR 8788 -- SSH: Support tunnel to Barracuda Central (Outbound)
TCP port 25 -- SMTP: Email message transfer
UDP port 53 -- DNS: Peer identification and Internet name resolution
TCP port 80 -- HTTP: Energize Updates and Firmware downloads
UDP port 123 -- NTP: System Clock Synchronization

There are other ports which are optional and may need to be open only if related functionality is enabled on the Email Security Gateway:

TCP port 389 -- LDAP: Directory-based user administration

TCP port 443 -- HTTPS: SSL secured web browsing

TCP port 636 -- LDAPS: SSL secured LDAP
TCP port 3268 -- LDAP: Active Directory Global Catalog
TCP port 3269 -- LDAPS: SSL secured Active Directory Global Catalog

TCP port 4234 -- Required for Archiving mail from Barracuda Email Encryption Service (BEES)

TCP port 8000 -- HTTP: Default Administrative Web Interface

TCP port 8002 -- Clustering

If you are connecting to BCC/CPL/ you need to have the following ports open:

TCP 80 -- HTTP

if port 80 can't be used..then TCP PORT 23557 or 48320

TCP 443 -- HTTPS

TCP 25  -- SMTP

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