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How do I set up an Outbound Footer on my Email Security Gateway?

  • Type: Knowledgebase
  • Date changed: 10 months ago

Solution #00004200


This solution applies to all Email Security Gateways.



After you have set up your Email Security Gateway for Outbound/Relay and have pointed your outbound SMTP traffic through the Barracuda (See Solution #00002087), you will be able to set up an Outbound Footer to be attached to all of your outgoing email. To do this you will need to navigate to Advanced > Outbound Footer.


You have the option of a Text footer or HTML footer. Text footer is what is used when sending out plain text emails. If you are sending out HTML-formatted emails you will need to add the footer information in the HTML footer section. You can add plain text to the HTML footer. It does not have to be HTML code. Adding an HTML footer only means it is used for HTML-formatted emails.


Note: Firmware version 4.0 and earlier ? While most the HTML code is automatically added by the Spam Firewall, you will still need to add the start <body> and end </body> tags at the beginning and end of the footer respectively. There is no need to add the <body> tags in firmware version 4.1 and later.


If you do not want certain email addresses to have a footer attached, you will need to add those email addresses to the "Footer Exemptions" section. Enter one email address per line.


If you are still not seeing footers being attached to your outgoing emails, make sure that you are sending the appropriately formatted emails (Plain text or HTML). Also, ensure the radio button for Attach Footer is set to Yes.


If you still have issues with the footer being attached, please check Solution #00000993.


Additional Notes:

Models 300 and higher feature per domain settings. Outbound Footers are available on a per domain as well as global basis on these models.


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