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How do I route Inbound email to my Email Security Gateway for the initial set up of the device?

  • Type: Knowledgebase
  • Date changed: 7 months ago

Solution #00004598



This solution applies to all Email Security Gateways.`



To take advantage of the filtering options on your Email Security Gateway, you must route all incoming email to the device.


There are two common options for routing email to the Email Security Gateway:


  1. Port Forwarding ? Change the port forwarding settings on your corporate firewall to route incoming email traffic to your Email Security Gateway. To do this you will need to modify the corporate firewall port settings as required. For instructions, see your firewall documentation or Network Administrator.

  2. MX Records ? Create a DNS entry for your Email Security Gateway and change your DNS MX record to route incoming email to the Barracuda. Typically, this is done on your DNS server or through your DNS service.



barracuda.barracudanetworks.com IN A

Example Modified MX Record:

IN MX 10 barracuda.barracudanetworks.com


Additional Notes:

The Email Security Gateway will only filter SMTP traffic on port 25. If you have users using Webmail then that traffic should bypass the Email Security Gateway and sent directly to the mail server.


Although DNS services vary, your new DNS and MX entries should resemble the example above. The above example shows a modifier of 10 for illustration only.

Some DNS servers cache information for up to seven days, so it may take time for all your email to be routed to the new MX record.


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